We may talk to someone perhaps, and we may know the reason for feeling low - but not always - sometimes we just are.

However, in depression:
These feelings don't lift after a few days - they carry on for weeks or months - and are so bad that they interfere with your life.

 What does it feel like?

Most people with depression will not have all the symptoms listed below, but many will have some of the below. (Source - Royal College of Psychiatrists)

You May:

         feel unhappy most of the time (but may feel a little better in the evenings)

         lose interest in life and can't enjoy anything

         find it harder to make decisions

         can't cope with things that you used to

         feel utterly tired but can't sleep - or want to sleep all the time

         feel restless and agitated

         lose appetite and weight (some people find they do the reverse and put on weight)

         take 1-2 hours to get off to sleep, and then wake up earlier than usual

         lose interest in sex

         lose your self-confidence

         feel useless, inadequate and hopeless

         avoid other people

         feel irritable

         feel worse at a particular time each day, usually in the morning

         may notice pains, and/or constant headaches

         think of suicide.

There are many reasons why depression sets in. Sometimes it's gradual, sometimes it's a response to a specific event. It is probably the most common psychological disorder today.

How hypnotherapy can help with depression

Depression is one of the most treatable disorders with appropriate hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy can treat specifically some of the symptoms of depression such as insomnia, which in itself can help to lift mood, and hypnotherapy for treatment of depression also works effectively alongside antidepressant and other therapies too. With a very low relapse rate, hypnotherapy is now considered to be one of the most effective treatments, even in severe cases, enabling the client to focus on solving problems and engage fully in life again.




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