Pain Management

There is real evidence supporting hypnotherapy for use in pain management, and which is related strongly to neuroscience. More and more is being uncovered about the connection between the mind and the physiological pain response, and the positive impact on pain that a relaxed mental state brings is well known.


In simple terms, the brain contains something rather like  an old-fashioned telephone system. Sensory and pain messages are sent via nerve fibres that run up the spinal cord, and the switchboard operator  controls which messages are sent to the brain. In very simple terms, there are different kinds of fibres that transmit pain: A fibres (acute pain) travel much quicker than the C fibres which transmit persistent or chronic pain.

A fibres take "priority" as a defence mechanism - for example, if you touch a red-hot surface your hand shoots away pretty quickly- the message goes directly to the brain so you take that hand off the burning hot surface. With C fibres, they can be overidden by A fibres as the brain sees these as more important.  Pain itself is an essential part of our survival "toolkit"- when pain is acute in nature it is is our body's way of telling us there is damage and we need to quickly do  something about it - it's there for a reason! We wouldn't last too long without this kind of mechanism to
help us.


There is another form of message related to muscle spasm and this can worsen pain. Again, that this is a form of "survival tactic" and the muscles brace and guard the injured area. All very well, but when this keeps happening it becomes habitual, leading to MORE spasm and MORE pain.


So what can we do when pain is ongoing and chronic, serving no useful purpose as we know what's causing it, when we have nothing to gain from what it's telling us, that we need some help manage it. People with ongoing pain say that the medication they take only does so much to help, and in some cases even the strongest medicines don't always help and can cause other problems as well. Chronic back pain, arthritis, cancer- related pain and migraine/ headache  are just some examples of this.


When you have been suffering as a result of ongoing pain, you may believe that nothing will help, that this is "it", and that you'll just have to deal with it for ever as this is part of your life now. How must that feel?


I've tried other things- how will Hypnotherapy help me and my pain?


Hypnosis used for pain management through hypnosis works by teaching the sufferer to The solution-focused approach to pain relief works with the client finding ways to turn down the negative pain messages and then by teaching self-hypnosis - really simple techniques that help and that can be used at any time to help to manage pain when it's needed.




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