Fears and Phobias

People develop all sorts of fears and phobias and these can range in severity but can get to the point where they interfere with the ability to go about a normal life. Sometimes we can pinpoint or recall the cause, but not always. We often have absolutely no idea where they came from. There are any number of fears and phobias, these can develop around almost any subject matter you can think of.  New phobias appear all the time but the one thing in common is that they all cause misery for those who have to suffer with them.


Top 10 most Common Fears and Phobias

Necrophobia This is the fear of death, as well as things that are associated to it, for example: coffins, corpses, tombstones, etc.

Brontophobia: Also known as astraphobia, this is the fear of thunder and lightning. A person who is a sufferer will feel tremendous anxiety and it is not uncommon for them to try and find shelter. If a sufferer is inside; hiding under beds, inside closets, under tables and the like, can be of common practice.

Nyctophobia is branded as severe fear of the dark, sparked from the brains blemished perception of what could happen when in a dark environment.

Emetophobia  This is the severe fear of vomiting. Although it sounds weird, it is a very common fear that many people from around the globe experience.

Claustrophobia:  Heard of by most people, claustrophobia is the fear of enclosed spaces, or somewhere which is inescapable. Claustrophobia is said to affect 10% of people in their lifetime.

AerophobiaSometimes referred to as aviatophobia, aviophobia or pteromechanophobia, is the fear of flying. The fear may be a direct terror of flying or it may be associated with other phobias (e.g. claustrophobia or acrophobia (number 9 in the list)

Aerophobia is estimated to affect as many as 25%. It receives quite a lot of attention because of its difficulty for many people to avoid and because of its widespread nature.

Social Phobia: Social phobia is an unusual, yet common distress in our society. The fear constitutes of; socialising, certain social situations arising, being evaluated and summed-up by others and public speaking.

Acrophobia: Another commonly heard of phobia, acrophobia is the excessive and irrational fear of heights. Generally found among adults, with twice as many women having it than men.

Agoraphobia: is the morbid fear used to describe not only one, but many phobias. These include - and are not restricted to - wide open spaces, leaving home, being in shops, being in crowded places, traveling alone on public transport, uncontrollable social conditions. Avoidance of the particular phobia is commonly seen among subjects. For example; Only going out with other people, ordering groceries online, only traveling among routes that have little or no wide open spaces.

Arachnophobia: Probably the most well known phobia of them all, arachnophobia is the overwhelming phobia of spiders and other arachnids. It is a subcategory of zoophobia and is very widespread internationally.

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